TMB Medspa | TMB Medspa - An Elite medspa in Toronto, Canada
Providing bespoke medspa skincare, bodysculpting and therapeutic treatments to nourish, enhance and elevate your beauty...
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Elevate your beauty…


The TMB Medspa at is a state of the art facility offering patients a modern, holistic and proactive approach to their beauty and wellness. Founded and overseen by renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Trevor M. Born, our boutique Medspa provides the most innovative skincare, body sculpting and anti-aging aesthetic treatments for discerning clientele seeking top tier service, care, and results.


The TMB Medspa  provides general skincare and cosmetic dermatology that addresses a variety of skin conditions and concerns. Whether you are looking to clear up acne prone skin, laser away unsightly age spots or pigmentation, or get your skin in tip-top shape for that special event – we’ve got you covered.


Many factors determine body shape and composition that are beyond our control – including hormones and genetics. Our non-invasive Bodysculpting treatments can help you strengthen, sculpt and shape the body you want, without surgery, needles, or additional time in the gym.


Outer beauty is intrinsically connected to inner wellness – which is why we offer therapeutic treatments that help you feel better, and function better on a daily basis.

Discover Truly Modern Beauty…

So what exactly is “TMB?”

TMB is Truly Modern Beauty: an informed and proactive beauty, the kind that prioritizes self care and embraces new and effective paths to inner health and outer beauty. “TMB” was founded in the belief that with the right approach to “total” wellness, we can all cultivate beautiful, fulfilling, and healthful lives.